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August 2017

Posted by David Mills on

Sodom had no Bible, and with this Leonard Ravenhill entitles his startling book on revival. Ravenhill explained that the United States, and by extension other nations, possess spiritual advantages Sodom never did. Sodom had no churches, but America has more than 320,000. Sodom had no copies of Scripture, but in America eighty-seven percent of households own at least one copy and forty-one percent own four or more. Sodom had no ministers, but in America, we have millions including pastors, music ministers, student ministers, and children’s ministers. Sodom had no Bible colleges, Christian universities, or seminaries, but America has more than 250. Sodom had no prayer meetings, and America has fewer than it did merely ten years ago. Ravenhill concludes, “Sodom perished in spite of all these disadvantages. America today is living only by the mercy of God. The only reason we are not smoking in the fire-wrath of a holy God is mercy!” (28).

Ravenhill bases his alarm over America’s condition on Jesus warning “To whom much is given, much is required” (Luke 12:36). God did not give us all these resources so that we might ignore them and live according to fleshly lust and worldly values. He gave us these resources that we might hear Him and heed His commands.

Hearing God by His word and heeding Him in obedience constitute the warp and woof of faithful devotion to Jesus. Jesus asked, “Why call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and do not do what I say” (Luke 6:46). Beech Haven values hearing and heeding the word of God. For this reason, August is an important month to our church family. On Wednesday, August 2 our church family will ordain a new minister and six new deacons. On Saturday, August 5 we will host a Sunday School training conference with some excellent leaders. On Sunday, August 13, Dr. Ken Keathley will lead us in our apologetics conference on C.S. Lewis’ approach to apologetics “The Weight of Glory.” On Wednesday, August 16 our church family will say “thank you” to Sunday School workers and kick-off a new year of evening ministries in “Elvis Finally Returns to Sunday School.” 

More about these important events in this edition of the BEAMS and our website.

It is our sacred obligation to provide and strengthen ministries that help us hear and heed God’s word. I look forward to seeing the fruit that issues from these in August.

I Stand Amazed,

David Mills