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December 1, 2017

Posted by David Mills on

“As you go, announce this: ‘The kingdom of heaven
has come near.'" - Jesus, Matthew 10:7

Great Commissionary Friends:

Christianity is in the “people business.” We love people. We teach people. We pray for people. We visit people. We talk to people. We know people. We share with people. We sit beside people. Some of us are people! Christianity is in the people business. To effectively follow Jesus, we must make much of people.

I have noticed through the last few years, however, that the circle of friends many Christians have has nearly collapsed, and among that shrinking group of friends are almost no lost people. Besides a shrinking group of friends, some Christians have a view of those outside the faith and church that hinders relationships with them.
I am not exactly sure how this view came to be, but
I suspect overconsumption of news media may have something to do with it. Some Christians fear those outside Christ and the church spend nearly all their free moments angrily denouncing the faith and Christians who hold it. They think lost people are “fire breathing, Christian eating aliens.”

What we think about those outside Christ and the churches says a lot about what is on our heart. Our views of people reflect our hearts. This makes necessary intentional efforts to shape our hearts in a Christlike fashion. Because we often learn by doing, we need strategic efforts to mold our hearts into the hearts that resemble the heart of Jesus. Therefore, we engage in December in “Merry Christmas, Athens!” It is also why we aspire to engage our Sunday School classes into quarterly mission projects in 2018.

We need a heart for people. We need opportunities to meet people. Jesus loves them all. Consequently, we go into our community in December and in 2018, and as we go, we announce the good news.

To aid these efforts, I intend to deliver messages on Sunday morning in 2018 around similar themes. I’ll start the year addressing a heart of faith from Hebrews 11, and this will take the first few months of 2018. Following this, I will address a heart filled with the Spirit. In the summer, I will a speak on a heart of trust in the power of God’s word. Once school gets back in session for the fall semester, I will lead us to consider a heart amazed by God’s love.

Your prayers are always appreciated. Your world is always in need of your witness. Your Savior is always present to guide and instruct. The next thirteen months may be the most exciting you have ever had.

I Stand Amazed,

David Mills