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December 2018

Posted by David Mills on

“God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power, who

went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him”
(Acts 10:38).


We have not explored these terms much in my time here at Beech Haven, but another way of stating our mission is this—


Beech Haven exists to destroy the works of the devil in this community and around the world.


Your work represents a full-on assault of demonic powers. When you share and demonstrate Christ’s good news, you engage in aggressive action against evil forces. These forces have created doubt, undermined marriages, blasphemed God, broken families, addicted adults of all ages, banished hope, and created all manner of sorrow and misery. The good news you share and demonstrate is the weapon God provides you to thrash hell. Charles Spurgeon wrote that the gospel is the “whip that flogs the devil” and the “thunderbolt, the sound of which makes all hell shake.” You are a mighty force in God’s hand.


It is with this confidence that we enter our 2018 Christmas season. This includes, of course, “Merry Christmas, Athens!” December 2 and 9. More information on this is in this edition of the BEAMS. We will provide our Christmas Eve service Monday, December 24 at 4:00 p.m. I love this service and look forward to it all year.


In December many in our community will give God another chance. They’ll visit Beech Haven looking for Him. Let us be especially cognizant of them and not get distracted. Each guest needs us to practice the 3-10-20 rules. I have been so proud of how you have responded to this effort. Good work!


The first three Sundays of January will provide us marvelous ministry opportunities, especially in the pulpit. The first Sunday in January (Jan 6) I will deliver something of a state of the church address. By that time my family and I will have served Beech Haven for five full years, and I have some things on my heart I want to share with you. On January 13 we will welcome the new Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, Thomas Hammond, to the pulpit. I love Thomas and am thrilled with his new role. I will begin preaching through Genesis on Sunday and Wednesday nights on January 20.


Thank you a million for your effective labors for the kingdom. Let’s continue to labor and pray that Jesus will be gloried, the people unified, the world evangelized, and hell horrified (John 17). God will be with us.


I Stand Amazed,

David Mills