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December 2019

Posted by David Mills on

“Mary arose in those days and went. . . . And Mary said,

‘My soul magnifies the Lord.’” (Luke 1:39, 46).


Mary knew how to make a difference in her world with the difference God made in her. By the power of the Holy Spirit, Mary became the mother of Jesus. From that point on she was different, and she has been different ever since. Mary was not satisfied with being different; she wanted to make a difference in others. She first thought of Elizabeth and told her the good news of Jesus’ coming. She arose, went, and said something. By these three simple verbs she made a difference. We are still talking about it today!

Arose, went, and said. In the present tense these are arise, go, and tell. These three acts will make a difference of the difference that Christ has made in us. When we arise, we determine that where we are is not satisfactory for the need of the hour. Indeed, having little or no influence on others is not satisfactory to our souls and spirit. We want to make a positive impact on others. When we go, we intentionally approach others with good news. When we tell, we express what is in our hearts. Every child of God has something worth saying and something worth hearing. 

Our “Merry Christmas, Athens!” mission projects December 5-7 provide us with a powerful opportunity to arise, go, and tell. Our Music and Worship Ministry will cap off this great effort with a special Sunday morning worship service, December 8. We can arise, go, and tell family, friends, and community with this great event. December 24 at 4:00 pm is our Christmas Eve service. God charms this service with His own Christmas spirit. Many families arise, go, and tell in this service. December 29—January 4, many of our college students and some adults will travel to Tacana, Guatemala for a mission trip approximately 10,000 feet above sea level.

They will need your prayers as they arise, go, and tell.

Thank you in advance for a blessed December. I look forward to arising, going, and telling with you.


I Stand Amazed,

David Mills


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