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February 2020

Posted by David Mills on

“We cannot but speak the things we have seen and heard.”
-Acts 4:20


Please do not tell my wife, but I let a secret slip nineteen years ago that she wanted me to keep secret. People were going to find out anyway, but I could not keep it to myself. It was exceedingly good news and when she and I heard it, my heart was filled with divine assurance that all would be well. You see, the good news we heard was that we had another little girl on the way. A nurse performed an ultrasound and told us that Sarah Kate was on the way. Sherri Michelle did not want to know the sex of the baby; she wanted to be surprised the day of delivery. I wanted to know, and she allowed me to know on the condition that I kept it to myself. I agreed, but within 30 minutes of finding out, I told Sandra Hendricks in the parking lot of Ladonia Baptist Church. Then I told Jackie Davis. Then I told Keith and Glenda Eitel. In twenty-four hours, half the world’s population knew. SARAH KATE WAS ON THE WAY!!! Of course, as you know, she has justified my enthusiasm, as have her other siblings.

The upshot of this story is this—I had good news and I couldn’t keep it to myself. I had to tell someone.

Don’t we feel the same way about Jesus? Everything about Him builds our enthusiasm. His past, His present, and His future throw jet fuel on our passion for Him. Let’s keep telling others about Him. It is in that spirit that I’m happy to let you know the following:

  • Nathan Evans will start this Sunday as our Interim Student Pastor. Students will have met him Saturday, and the whole congregation can meet him and his family Sunday morning and evening. Ask God to bless students and Beech Haven through him.

  • Michael Frye has been hired as the Interim College and Young Adult Pastor. Michael is deeply involved in the college ministry now and is enrolled at Southwestern Seminary. He will start February 1. Welcome him to this post and please give great encouragement to him and Liz as they start. Baby #3 is on the way to join this precious family.

  • We have had a great day of commitment to our 24/7 prayer ministry. We will share the results Sunday.
    I have already prayed through all the HIMpossible requests.

God bless you for your efforts to tell the world about Jesus. We shall move forward as we pray and lay hold of the Holy Spirit’s power.

I Stand Amazed,
David Mills