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July 2017

Posted by David Mills on

Beech Haven Church Family:

Are you satisfied with the number of those you have brought to Christ? Would like to reach more? Has it ever occurred to you that you can see more come to Christ than you now see come?

On the occasions when we contemplate such things we often think we must make large changes to make a difference in other’s lives. In some case this might be true, but I suggest we think along some other lines. In August, we will begin a new church year so this month is a good month to evaluate and plan for a more effective church year.

I suggest to you something my friend Steve Parr suggested to me a few years ago. He suggested that we make a commitment to improving 2% each year. How can you improve 2% this upcoming church year to make an eternal impact in another’s life? Is there an opportunity to improve 2% in anything in my life to reach more than I am reaching now? Can I improve 2% in the number of non-Christians I know? Can I improve 2% in my verbal witness? Can I improve 2% in my prayers for non-Christians? Can I improve 2% in my knowledge of evangelism?

A commitment to improve at least 2% each year can yield large cumulative results. Imagine an entire Sunday School class of ten improving by 2%. That is 20% improvement.

Even if no one joins me in my effort, however, I can improve in my efforts to bring others to Christ.

Stay alert to what appears in upcoming issues of the BEAMS. We will provide opportunities for you to improve 2% so you may make a 100% difference in someone else’s eternity.

I Stand Amazed,

David Mills