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July 2018

Posted by David Mills on

“Guard your heart with all diligence,
for from it flow the issues of life.”
-Solomon (Prov 4:23).

Have you ever heard that “what is down in the well will come up in the bucket”? People used to retrieve their water
from wells using buckets. If the water was clean, they would bring up clean water in the bucket. If the water in the well
was contaminated, they would bring up contaminated water.

Our Bible teaching ministries attempt to incrementally, and sometimes dramatically, shape the heart of participants.
We want their hearts consumed with love for Jesus Christ so that their lives and lips will reflect Him and His good news.

For this reason, we have or will expand our offerings of discipleship on Sunday evenings and Wednesdays. On Sunday,
July 29th, I am asking you to sign up for discipleship training times for Sunday evenings and Wednesdays. We will give
you the opportunity with an insert in the worship guide.

Courses offered will include Bible study methods, Old Testament survey, building a welcoming church, parenting,
marriage, finances, basic discipleship, prayer, evangelism, and other topics that we will specify in July 2018. Some of
these courses will have costs (ranging from $5.00--$129.00), but each of them is worth the expenditure and time.

All Christians should participate in study or serve in some capacity when the church at large meets. Attendance on
Sunday nights and Wednesdays should about equal Sunday morning. No able-bodied person is to be missing. To make
this meaningful to your walk with Christ and His mission in the world, we will offer you expanded discipleship training

Your knowledge, life, productivity, and witness will improve, but it is going to take some discipline and investment of
time. Nothing short of a total abandonment to Christ’s Lordship will do. He calls for all.

I Stand Amazed,
David Mills