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March 2018

Posted by David Mills on

"The missionary imperative of the gospel . . . is derived from the nature of the gospel, which is to say, from the nature of God. Even if there were no Great Commission, Christians would feel impelled to share the good news of God’s redeeming love and Christ’s transforming friendship.”

—Joseph Underwood

A thing is what it does. If it flies, it is a bird. If it swims, it is a fish. If it barks, it is a dog. If it lets out a “meow,” it is a cat. A thing is what it does. It is the nature of things.

God is love, so He reaches lost humankind with the good news of Christ. He has made followers of Christ participants in His nature, so believers share in His nature. He is love, therefore followers of Christ are love, and they reach out to the lost humanity with the good news of Christ.

We should not need a Great Commission. Reaching out to lost humanity with the good news should arise out of our soul. We should not be able to keep it to ourselves. A new convert decided on the day of her conversion to postpone sharing the good news until she could grow stronger in Christ. The next day she confessed to a missionary, “The good news was too good to keep to myself. I just had to tell others how Jesus saved me!”

Graciously, Jesus provided us a Great Commission. Our hearts drift from His love. We grow self-absorbed and fearful. To get us past these challenges, He commanded us to reach out in love.

Are you grateful for Jesus? Are you happy He saved you? Has He? If so, let what resides in your heart out of your mouth to the lost world. God loves them all.

To guide and assist us in this, we will provide some opportunities. Before April arrives, our Sunday School classes will engage in a mission project in our community. These mission projects are done for the benefit of those outside of Christ and/or Beech Haven, involve person-to-person interaction, are conducted off the church property, and provide an opportunity to distribute the gospel.

In addition, we have a special Wednesday night worship service March 28 at 6:00 p.m. in the Worship Center with Larry Wynn. We are calling this “Super Wow.” Larry is Vice-President of Church Revitalization and Evangelism with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, former long-time pastor of Hebron Baptist Church, Dacula, GA, and a great friend of the Great Commission. He will deliver a message in our WoW service that night that will encourage us in God’s love.

Finally, we celebrate the love of God in Christ with the Lord’s Supper Sunday morning March 25. Let us prepare for this accordingly (Psalm 51, 1 John 1).

I Stand amazed,

David Mills