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March 2019

Posted by David Mills on

“I please all men in all things, not seeking my own profit, but the  profit of many, that they may be saved”
1 Cor 10:33

Paul Borthwick wrote “Following Christ always requires death in various shapes and sizes. Some will literally be asked to die . . . while others will be asked to die to selfishness, materialism, consumerism and all the other enemies of the Jesus-exalting gospel.”


Jesus did not exhort disciples to deny, die, and follow Him for nothing, and His Father did not raise Him from the dead for us to ignore Him. To move forward in the kingdom usually requires a death of something. Sometimes these things are even religious things we cherish but that do not enjoy support from Scripture. There was a whole Reformation over that about 500 years ago.


That is the spirit with which we at Beech Haven approach our work. We will die to a popular public image in order to distribute the gospel. We will die to some comforts to give to the spread of the gospel. We will die to preferred schedules to reach more people in worship. We die to worship styles, declining ministries, our favorite activities, prayerlessness, silence, and other things that keep us from reaching others.


It is with that spirit that we approach several opportunities before us. To begin with, by Monday, March 25, we need you to return an electronic survey on a matter we have discussed with staff for some time. Our worship center feels full most Sundays. When guests come a little late, they walk onto the bottom floor, do not find a place to sit, and walk out, some to the balcony, some never to return. Besides guests, children and students are jammed packed in the middle section of the worship center and the balcony is filling. To meet this need, the staff believes we need to go to two worship services Sunday, September 8. The schedule we are considering is as follows:


9:00 a.m.         First Worship Service

10:00 a.m.       Sunday School

11:15               Second Worship Service


Other churches have used similar schedules with great result. We’d like for each service to be well attended by mature worshippers and younger worshippers.


We need your help. We need to know which of the two worship service times you would prefer to attend, 9:00 a.m. or 11:15 a.m.? We will send to you an electronic survey on March 24. Please complete it and return by March 25.


Besides worship services, we can grow in giving. The Generosity Ladder is a great way to think and pray over our spiritual life. I’ve included my giving testimony along with stories of some of our members. What about you? What’s your giving story? This Sunday, March 3, I will ask you to indicate on the Giving Ladder, how we will improve our giving for the month of March.  Please be ready to do this this Sunday.


Bless you for your “whatever it takes” attitude. Life will spring from your dying to self. God will bless it.


I Stand Amazed,

David Mills


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