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May 2019

Posted by David Mills on

“Keep every command . . . that you may be strong”

(Deut 11:8).


God’s power is a theoretical mystery to some. For some, living in God’s power is merely a theory. They have heard and read about it, but they have not experienced it though God gives it when we need it.

I’ve told you before of Carl Bates, pastor First Baptist Church Charlotte, North Carolina. He asked God for more power, and God responded to him, “With plans as small as yours’ you do not need my power to accomplish them.” God gives His power where it is needed. Otherwise, He withholds it.

To have the power of God, we must put ourselves in a position to need it. We do not do so foolishly, of course, but we obey God. Obeying God almost always puts us in a challenging, impossible place. Obedience puts us in a place that forces us to cry out to God, “God, if you do not come through with power, I’m going to fail and make a fool of myself.”

Pastors and staff must lead churches to stretch and risk.
If they do not, the church flock only gets to feed on old stubble and stagnant water. Green pastures and refreshing waters are beyond where we are now.

The promise of God’s power affects what we expect of our members and our leadership. Specifically, it affects what we expect our people to do evangelistically. We expect our people to pray for lost people, make friends each day, share the good news of Christ, and invite others to Beech Haven.

Additionally, we expect our Great Commission Facilities Committee to offer plans and recommendations that represent our big God, not the little expectations of people who never dream. Their plans and recommendations will probably be bigger and more challenging than you are now expecting. In light of the church’s charge and priorities given to them, this makes sense (see more in this edition of the BEAMS).

My promise to you as your pastor is that I will never insult you or God with low expectations. I will lead you onward, upward, forward in a manner that ALWAYS NECESSITATES GOD’S POWER.

Get ready. Big things are coming.

I Stand Amazed,

David Mills


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