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October 2018

Posted by David Mills on

“’Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit; says the Lord of hosts.”

—The Lord to Zechariah (Zech 4:6)


What God has beckoned us to do in our years together has frightened the daylights out of most us.

Never settle for a Christianity that does less. It will keep you on your face before God, trusting Him, depending on Him, and seeking Him.

Manley Beasley used to say, “Anything that makes you pray is a blessing.”

Always put yourself in a position that requires you to pray desperately and live by the Holy Spirit’s power.

The Spirit’s power is the “destination” to which I have attempted to guide us. That place has kept some of us tense, nervous, and frightened at times. It has me!

How do I overcome tension, nerves, and fright? Focus on Jesus’ worth and other’s need for Him. Fill yourself with how worthy Jesus is of your witness and how desperately others need it. These two things will expel your fear. 

Oswald J. Smith said that our efforts do not remove sins such as fear.  Getting ourselves full of the Holy Spirit does this, and we get filled with the Spirit when we dwell on Jesus and other’s needs. When we do there is no more room for fear. This is true in many areas common to life. To illumine a room, we do not drive out darkness; we fill the room with light. We do not remove dead leaves from trees. We let sap flow throughout branches and new leaves push out the old ones. In Romans 7, Paul rehearsed some of his failures and sins. There he uses “me,” “my,” and “I” forty-one times. In Romans 8, Paul tells of victory in Christ and mentions the Holy Spirit sixteen times. The Holy Spirit can expel all your fears. 

As we approach our week with Ronnie Hill October 21—24, we need a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit. I’m asking you to tell others about Jesus, to fast and pray one day sometime between October 14—20, to bring 1 friend Sunday morning, to get your class and guests there on Sunday night, to load up the place with family and friends each night, especially Steak Night on Wednesday night. We want people to know Jesus, and we are His means of introducing them to Him.

You can do this. You have more power than you imagine. Let’s fill ourselves with Christ and others, and the Holy Spirit will give us power.


I Stand Amazed,

David Mills