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September 2019

Posted by David Mills on


Ruth Graham, Billy Graham’s late wife, was sitting in a park in Europe one day. She was in an unnamed city with Billy as he completed writing a book. The two of them could hardly travel anywhere in world without being recognized and crowded by onlookers. Sitting on a park bench, she looked off in the distance and saw a strange site. Walking in the distance towards her was an oddly dressed man. He wore a golf hat, no shirt, a trench coat, plaid baggy Bermuda shorts, black socks, and Hush Puppy shoes. She wondered, “Oh my, who is that man walking toward me? He must be an American. That is the most ridiculous man.” As he walked closer, Ruth gasped. It was her husband, Billy Graham. As he had done many times before that day, he had concocted a wild disguise so he could walk through the city unrecognized.

Sometimes the most wonderful things in life first appear in the most absurd looking disguises. God also has a way of doing such things. Consider these:

Þ Liberator of Israel=Moses with a speech impediment (Exodus 4).

Þ Conqueror of the Philistine army and giant champion=David a shepherd of sheep (1 Samuel 16—17).

Þ Savior and King of the world=Jesus, a baby in the manger (Luke 2).

Þ Missionary to the world=Paul, former persecutor of the church (Gal 1:23—24).

Þ One who can reach friends and advance Christ’s mission=You who is ¼ of an inch away from the greatness of the Holy Spirit’s power.

When prompted by the Spirit, then, Beech Haven will conduct events that may look odd to some. We believe God has sent us to win the world. Not everyone agrees, and in fact, some oppose this missionary impulse.

We believe it, so our Stewardship Committee will recommend Sunday, September 1 that we allocate up to $56,000 to purchase property in Tacana, Guatemala. We believe we must prioritize guests and the lost world. Not everyone believes this; they believe church and worship must give them a “good feeling” and meet their expectations like a movie or club. We believe we must prioritize guests and the lost, so we will offer two identical multi-generational worship services at 9:00 and 11:15 starting September 8. We believe that one day can make a difference in eternity. Not everyone thinks so. They either reject the urgency of salvation or reject the need for such. We believe all our friends need it and it is urgent that we deliver the message, so we conduct Friend Day September 22, 2019 with Scott Camp and Shane Wilbanks.

The people you make allowance for, support, or reach can find grace and the power of the Holy Spirit. In large or small ways, each of them can do exploits for the Name we cherish above all other names. Thank you for your flexibility and labors and work towards these ends. You make church fun.

I Stand Amazed,

David Mills