What We Believe

At Beech Haven, we believe that the Bible is from God and
is therefore true. Because we believe in the Bible, we hold the following affirmations:

For a more comprehensive and in-depth look into our beliefs, please visit the Southern Baptist Convention website.

The Bible

We believe God inspired the very words of the Bible and that it is therefore inerrant and authoritative for our lives. We can and should study it, cherish it and apply it to our lives.


There is one God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is perfect in all His ways and worthy of all worship and obedience. Jesus Christ is God and human. The Holy Spirit is a person who comes to live in all those who repent and believe the gospel.


Humankind is made in the image of God. The female gender and the male gender are gifts of God at conception. Though made in the image of God, all humans have sinned and fall short of God’s glory. They can turn to Christ in faith and experience God’s restoration


Salvation is the elimination of guilt from us sinners by repentance and faith in Christ’s death and resurrection. Once secured by faith, true believers will never lose it. Salvation results in a changed life.

The Church

Jesus Christ rules on the earth as Head of every church. The church is to be His palace and Christ-followers are to serve as His subjects. The church is to operate according to His will found in the Bible and priortize worship, evangelism, missions, and discipleship.


Baptism reenacts the death and resurrection of Christ and displays the transformation Christ performs in His followers. The Bible teaches immersion of believers following their salvation experience. To request baptism or learn more about baptism, contact us.

Lord's Supper

The Lord’s Supper reenacts the death of Christ. All who have a genuine conversion experience, have submitted to biblical baptism, and are in good relationship with a local church are invited to participate.

Evangelism & Missions

The death and resurrection of Christ are good news for the world. All believers are to share the good news locally, nationally, and around the globe and make it possible for others to do so.

Religious Liberty

Christ alone is Lord of the church. Government and society must guard the free exercise of His Lordship in the church. Government must never penalize anyone for their religious views, conscience, belief, or lack of belief. Christ followers are to submit to governing authorities without compromising their relationship with God.

The Family

Family is the first and primary institution God created. Marriage is the uniting of one man with one woman for a lifetime. Husbands and wives are of equal worth before God. Husbands/fathers are to provide active servant leadership in their families. Children from the moment of conception are humans and gift of God.