Be the Beech

Be the Beech

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside of Beech Haven you know that it is a very special place. What is it that makes Beech Haven so special? Is it the beautiful facilities, the incredible staff, or the top notch programming we have here? While all of those things are amazing, the “secret” to what make Beech Haven so special is the people of Beech Haven.

Every week, we have hundreds of Beech Haven members who give their time to serve our church in various ways. It is this act of selfless sacrifice that creates an atmosphere at Beech Haven that is so special and unique to this local church body.

We encourage every member of our church to be an active member of the body. Our desire is for every member to be fully engaged in the life of our church and to "Be the Beech." No matter what talents or gifts you possess, there is always a way to use them to serve and to glorify God.

I Want to Serve

We ask the you would prayerfully consider using your gifts to bless our church body. Let’s Be the Beech together!

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