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Mission Blog
The Week in Review
Costa Rica 2015
July 10, 2015

This week has been amazing in so many ways.

This week was a week of firsts. First time on airplane, first time out of the country, first time on mission trip, first time in Costa Rica, First … So many firsts for our mission team. The biggest FIRST for the group this week was being able to be part of the first time many kids heard the gospel and the first time at least 14 kids prayed to receive Christ and claim Him as Savior. It has been such an incredible blessing to our mission team to be part of this and experience God working through us into the lives of others. During our four days serving the people of San Juan our mission team was able to reach out to the young people and make some great connections with the kids and even some of the parents.

We found a wonderful missionary couple, Fanny and Marco Jimenez, who are serving Christ here in Costa Rica and working to share God’s grace to a community that does not know Him. The people serving in the Palabra de Vida have a passion for Christ and the people throughout Costa Rica. The work they are doing in the schools around the country is bearing fruit. We were able to see the evidence of that effort in the nearly 100 youth from across Costa Rica who attended the Youth Leadership Camp this week.

It was a blessing to serve the Palabra de Vida folks and help them prepare for the youth camp. Coming back to Palabra de Vida after several hours in the hot sun running and playing with the kids in San Juan and jump right into cleaning windows, sweeping, cleaning and repairing – in 95o temperatures and humidity – It was amazing to see the energy God gave the team. Everyone worked hard, without complaint and with plenty of energy.



  • “TIMO” – Fanny started the week calling Tommy “Timmy” and Marco Jimenez, having some trouble with Tommy’s name took to calling him “Timo” a name that may stick well beyond the trip!
  • Tarantula Wrangling – The guys learned, from Jeremy Jimenez, how to get a tarantula out of its hole and get it to crawl across your hands.
  • Rice & Beans – Rice and beans work for every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner!!
  • Nat – Alie – Natalie Wallace’s true inner self is named Alie, with a Nat in front.
  • Don’t flush that! – It was hard to learn that flushing toilet paper is not something you do.
  • Chocolate milk actually does not come from chocolate cows! – Thanks for this important life lesson Amy Ho!
  • “Tootles!” Apparently Tootles is not a word used for “good bye” in Spanish.
  • There’s a Church – Obviously Tommy (Timo) knows where every church and school is located between San Luis and Las Juntas.
  • Interpretive Dance – Who knew Nathan has a future in interpretive dance – (as long as that was not a seizure)
  • Costa Rica has lot's of bugs – As measured by scream level from the girls room there are a lot of bugs here!
Sensational, Smazing, and Awesome - Stephanie Wallace
Costa Rica 2015
July 10, 2015

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Wonderful Week! - Jake Johnson
Costa Rica 2015
July 10, 2015

It has been a wonderful week. Everyone says that the plane ride was a little rough, but in my vast experience of five flights this one was par for the course…with the added bonus... [READ MORE]